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This is a holistic collective, and we do not fully comprehend its true extent.

The work we are doing holds utmost importance, at least to us. Despite engaging in various activities, we are fully committed and dedicated to this work. Your presence and support are essential for its continuation, even if you are not physically participating. Our wish is to not be swayed by trivial matters in order to survive and maintain a decent livelihood. Instead, we aim to tackle this together, each utilizing their own talents and strengths, without wasting any effort due to societal pressures in today's civilization.

Your monetary donations will go towards the operating and marketing costs.

Where your feedback and money go

We are always open for gifts and tips in all shapes and forms. Yet for the time being, we cannot think of anything but monetary funds and feedback.

We prefer such gestures to be, as much as possible, anonymous as it will be perceived to be from each and everyone.