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From the Sea to the River


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An Invitation

Our space for understanding is limited, and our understanding capacity is fragmented. As we can see and experience in the dire situation of the region where Israel and Palestine currently exist, the cycle of separation, fragmentation, conflict and what it produces is never-ending.
Shall we go our usual gradual way of compromise as we have always done? Is that good enough for us? Good enough for the generations to come? Good enough for you?

If your answer is no, then we should meet.

Let Us

  • Inquire
    Instead of asking ourselves “what happened?”, let’s inquire into what is actually happening, what separates us, how we communicate, and where the connection interrupts.
  • Let Go
    Let’s let go of all the tools (expressions, ethics, etc) that we presumptuously put to work wherever communication is less than comfortable.
  • Figure Out
    Let’s figure out our tendencies to discredit the opposer out of fear, to suppress under oppression and encourage it, to choose one pain over the other, and to let our identity compromise our agency.
  • Ask
    Can we, since no one else would do it, start anew, together?
Your Facilitator
  • Holistic Dialogue & Meditation Facilitator | Artist | Consultant

Apply to Attend

We meet on bi-weekly basis on Tuesdays at 7PM CET for 1.5-2 hours.
Disclaimer 1: HD meetings tend to be intense and considering the context's innate intensity, we ask for your confirmation of acceptance and openness so we recommend going through the Holistic Dialogue page before attending.

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