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Into Suicidal Ideation


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An Invitation
Do we find ourselves caught in a cycle of confusion and prejudice, leading to the experience of pain, only to return to confusion and prejudice once more?
This inquiry pertains to a profound facet of human existence where individuals may make the deeply personal choice to terminate their own physical existence. When we describe the act of suicide in this manner, do we inadvertently diminish its significance, potentially rendering it insensitive or even insulting?

HD creates an environment where every individual has the opportunity to embody the roles of scientist, explorer, and observer within their own psyche. This transformation isn't seen as an eventual goal but rather as an inherent starting point, fostering empowerment and autonomy from the very beginning.
As a collective, we find ourselves navigating this shared pathway of suicidal ideation. Can we collectively approach this journey with a seriousness that respects both the individual experiences and the collective process?
Is this for me?
Now, what if I do not know whether I am that individual or not, what am I to do?

It's crucial to clarify that HD does not function as a suicide hotline, nor is it explicitly designed for mutual assistance, even though such support may organically occur.
If you currently find yourself in a vulnerable state, we strongly recommend seeking immediate psychological crisis help. Otherwise, proceed with caution, as HD is an intense and sobering psychedelic process.
We make no sweeping promises, but we do guarantee confidentiality, respect, and a profound commitment to understanding, inquiry, and the exploration of the intricacies of the human condition.


About Suicide Ideation

Is suicidal ideation indicative of an individual's psychological distress, necessitating external intervention and oversight? Or can it be viewed as a stream of thought, akin to any other mental contemplation?

Decide for Yourself

Both perspectives hold validity, underscoring the nuanced nature of this issue. This is precisely why our group sessions requires a signed consent form by the participant and their licensed psychologist (if available). It is instrumental in facilitating a more refined distinction between these possibilities as we delve into ourselves without being distracted by the need for psychological oversight.

What This is Not

Having said that, this is not a psychotherapy group session nor it is a support group. Hence, the presence of a Holistic Dialogue facilitator. And it is mandatory, in order to participate, to go through the following pages:

Your Facilitator
  • Holistic Dialogue & Meditation Facilitator | Artist | Consultant

Apply to Attend

We meet on bi-weekly basis on Mondays at 7PM CET for 1.5-2 hours.
Disclaimer 1: If you are in a fragile place, we recommend seeking psychological crisis help, otherwise proceed with caution as HD is an intense sober process. We do not promise anything but confidentiality, respect and a deep interest in understanding, inquiry and exploration of the human condition.

Disclaimer 2: HD meetings tend to be intense and considering the context's innate intensity, we ask for your confirmation of acceptance and openness.

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