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Synopsis is a playground where we actively not build up a narrative or a story in our heads either on our own or as a group. We just let things happen without trying to make sense of them.
synopsis (n.)
1610s, "a general view, an outline," from Late Latin synopsis "a synopsis," from Greek synopsis "a general view," literally "a seeing altogether, a seeing all at once," from syn- "together" (see syn-) + opsis "sight, appearance," from PIE root *okw- "to see.” also from 1610s
Actively not building up a narrative or stories is not there as a rule, it is out of a deep understanding of how we normally operate. This understanding is explored fully in Holistic Dialogue.
Even though SYNOPSIS came through Tripute's development as a holistic collective, it's not directly linked to anything that came before it. It is on its own in that sense. While it is thought to fit with Tripute's mission, you don't have to accept that as your own.
We meet online once every two weeks on Wednesdays at 7PM CET.
After the usual greetings and small talk when everyone arrives, the facilitator will start the process with some opening remarks. While we actively not build a story or a narrative, each one is free to share what comes up with them whenever they feel like doing so.
The Facilitator's Role
Welcoming everyone joining.
Starting the process.
Remind the group whenever a story or narrative is noticed to be built.
Help clear up any confusion or question about the process.
Dealing with conflicts or arguments when needed.
Your Facilitator
  • Holistic Dialogue & Meditation Facilitator | Artist | Consultant

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