Freedom is not a right but a responsibility

I have been always a product of my environment and upbringing. The thing is, I still am that. There is nothing to be done about it, our choices are limited by what we are exposed and directed to.

Most of us know that already and still partake in our system that dulls our lives and limits it to a material existence, even feelings and emotions are commodities. To every problem there is not a solution but a product (including our traditions and customs). Now, does this, or that, product actually provide a solution?

I won’t discuss whether freedom is a right or not, because I am assuming that I am having a dialogue with people who see this already. And if you don’t, I suggest you stop reading and refer to George Carlin’s piece about rights and privileges. What is clear to me is that believing in rights to freedom is dangerous and limits our responsibility to act whenever is necessary contrary to popular belief.

However, all that is pointless if we don’t go into the 2 other words involved in this line of a title: Responsibility and Freedom.

  1. Responsibility

To most of us this word is loaded with tasks and commitments, in a way it does not differ that much from the word ‘right’. Either we take what we ought to do from others or from ourselves (which is an internalisation of the outer environment and heritage, expressed in thought). In essence, responsibility is nothing more than a to-do list, something rigid that changes as the interests change, were they Nobel or not. But the responsibility mentioned in the title is that of a quality, not a thing to be achieved.

The word ‘responsibility’ actually breaks down to ‘The ability to respond’. Ability, meaning a quality, that which cannot be practiced for. It is either there or it is not.

And ‘to respond’… respond to whatever is taking place. Now, there are so many things that do happen that are essentially the work of fiction which I personally ended up believing and currently am acting towards making it a reality to myself and others around me. Since I am a collection of human history where many lies have became truths and so many truths have become lies, what am I to do and respond to?

In a way it feels that I am trapped in this existence and life style without a choice or a say on how things are ought to be or not. Especially since I am actually as corrupted now as the environment that brought me. Even if I was brought up in a liberal environment which have way more room and diversity, it still is a system. Meaning that it is still limited which ends up creating illusions, sooner or later. I am indeed trapped and the landscape of corruption seems to be so vast, is there a light on the other side?

Let’s start having fun now, shall we?

All of that system and input exist in me, it is the me by which it exists and grows. This virtual system of knowledge consumption that is controlling this nameless organism which it calls Human of a nationality, religion, political party, philosophy, etc. This virtual system is thought.

Thought is here, showing itself and expressing itself… all the time. Is this what one should be responding to?… Not really, this system of thought is what captivates the organism, the one that took over feelings and emotions and employed them in and for narratives.

For you who heard this for the first time, this piece could be nothing more than a piece of literature, the work of an entertaining existential fiction unless you look into this and into your life seriously… to see this for yourself… Layer by layer… as I am and where I am.

I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong ~ Bertrand Russell

What am I responding to? I don’t know! But, when belief ceases only then that there is room for trust. Figure out this for yourself and what it means, this is not just for me to spill out for you but for you to apply your energy and attention to it, otherwise this whole piece of writing is nothing more than just advertisement and yet another product.

I am then and there. I am here now, rather than being carried and dragged in stories. It is not easy because it is new… and each new thing comes with an unidentified intensity, until we go through it, whatever it is…

2. Freedom

Do you see?… The freedom in responsibility and the responsibility in freedom. It is an infinite thing really, as infinite as there is newness. Not newness in a material quantifiable sense, but a quality that transcends all that of form and clear purpose. New as in alive and vital.

What is there to be achieved?

To me it seems that freedom is to be lived not strived for.

Past and future are nothing more than thoughts, an area where I used to live in because I believed in. It might seem as refuge every now and then but if you are still here reading, I worry not.

Because we are together here, on our own.

Deep regards,